Suction/vacuum excavation technology can also be applied to areas including event clearance and other areas which may need vacuum suction. Vacuum extraction can be used within both public and private sectors.

J.A RATTIGAN & SON vacuum extraction has been used for clearence of many large events, concerts, music festivals, open air shows, trade shows and sporting events. The advantage of using vacuum extraction for these types of events include a quick turnaround from start to finish...ready for the next event!

We are able to reduce our intake size to approx 100mm to allow us to remove any material from non accessible areas including conveyor belts, basements, gullys, blocked pipes and drains. By using flexible tubing and ridged tubing we are able to extract any material including water.


  • Quick, responsive
  • No disruption
  • Used by public and private sectors
  • Work alongside local councils


J.A RATTIGAN & SON are pleased to offer a mooner to assist on all your groundwork requirements. The Mooner can be used with a flexible suction nozzle fitted in place of the bucket which directly sucks up the materials. For harder materials the Mooner also features a rotary front grinder system to break up hard materials prior to removal by the suction system, extending the operational parameters of the suction excavation option considerably.

Typical applications include: basement works within existing buildings, removal of debris from inside large older buildings that are being refurbished, top works, deep culvert clearance, removal of soil from the tops underground reservoirs etc.

Mooner remote controlled system

The Mooner remote control wheeled or crawler excavator is small enough for remote works in culverts and pipes. With the Mooner system material is broken up with the excavator bucket and moved to the front blade of the unit which has been designed with a suction inlet in the centre to allow the loosened material to travel up the suction hose and into the suction excavator unit which can be parked above ground or at the open or accessible end of the culvert/site being worked on.

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Health and safety is our first prority, all equipment is fully serviced and checked, our operatives are certified and trained to the highest standard. Daily onsite risk assessements and suction excavation / vacuum extraction check sheets are carried out and are available to clients at the end of each working day. This includes any changes that the task may envolve, which will be delt with accordingly.

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